Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Rap Song That Very Few Will Ever Understand

As someone who has recently been to multiple foreign countries (ok, Ireland may not count since they speak English), I have a growing appreciation for folks who are multi-lingual. Being able to understand someone speaking another language is one thing, being fluent in a second language is another thing...rapping in five different languages on the same track is a bit mind blowing. I don't care how simple you may think the lyrics are, Andrew Huang  is on another level linguistically because he managed to combine English, Spanish, French, Swedish and Mandarin all on one track. Check the video below of him executing the track in studio with the extremely necessary paint by numbers style, read-along lyrics for Vass Tunga...

It's one of those novelty experiences that you simply admire because you understand how far away you are from being able to pull off something like that. Serving as icing on the cake, he put together an interesting explanation video for how he came up with the lyrics. Tip of the cap to you Andrew Huang, you just accomplished something that I had never seen...#FirstTimeForEverything

Andrew Huang - Vass Tunga|iTunes


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