Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Kids, Kids Are Gonna Do What They Want"

I'll be the first to admit, I did not know who Mikky Ekko was until he surfaced on Rihanna's track Stay. It goes without saying, he shined all over that track vocally and was a worthy choice for the duet. Long story short he hails from Nashville, TN and had previously been known more for his writing prior to Ri Ri puttin' him on.

You can consider his Benny Benassi and John Hill produced lead single Kids his starting point toward a major label debut album. The track is about as easy listening as it gets with it's catchy, electro-pop sound. I find his southern folk-ish style Tom Petty-esque delivery interesting over soothing synths and I'd normally characterize him as an Indie artist, but this single will probably get it's share of top 40 love before it's all over. Keep an eye on Mikky, he's got a unique style that's worthy of note...#Kids

Mikky Ekko - Kids (prod by Benny Benassi & John Hill)


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