Saturday, June 22, 2013

"All This Capitol, It's Like I Left the Caps Lock On"

It's only fitting that Drizzy leak a couple freebies the day that tickets for his Would You Like a Tour? goes on sale. Like many, I was F5-ing the sh*t out of the Ticketmaster website this morning and copped a set of pretty nice seat for his visit in October. It looks like I'll be seeing him live three weeks after his new Nothing Was the Same album drops on September 17th.

Out of the four tracks that were posted to OctobersVeryOwn this morning, the quick favorite is his freestyle with J Cole that pays homage to Jodeci. The lyrical assault is very two albums ago, so when I heard the line "Drizzy still got some 06 in him", I nodded in agreement. These creative, lyrical gymnastics sessions set the bar for freestyles circa 2010. What I mean by that, is that Hip Hop has evolved (or devolved depending on how you look at it) into a genre that is still all about rappers making claims about why they're better than you, but now they do it in much more creative ways. You don't hear too many freestyle battles anymore, which is a shame, but at the same time, it's an indication that Hip Hop artists don't need to be able to freestyle to be successful anymore. As a quick sidebar, that's why Eminem became so popular and continues to be one of the best because he has the ability to come up with freestyle content instantly and when he's in attack mode, his delivery is unmatched. Yet, his delivery is only half the reason why he's been so successful because his other-wordly wordplay is what made him the living legend that he is today. His multiple generation spanning skill set has almost single-handedly helped shape and influence this next wave of rappers who make it a point to ramp up the wittiness and wordplay when on the mic.

As a long-time fan, I appreciate the track below and it really helps balance out the "man, I'm not sure I'm as big of a fan anymore if all his tracks are going to sound like Started From the Bottom" sentiment. In short, I hope y'all appreciate it as much as I did...#NothingWasTheSame

Drake feat J Cole - Jodeci Freestyle


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