Friday, April 05, 2013

Videos of the Week April 5th

Good mix of musical entertainment, viral videos and just plain entertainment from comedians losing at paintball. After reading Pigeons and Planes' well-written article detailing our fake friendship with Drake, it's only fitting that he be the subject of this week's rendition of videos. Drake let loose his new video for 5 AM in Toronto, played a cameo role in Snoop Lion's No Guns Allowed video and managed to whoop up on Kevin Hart's crew in paintball all in one week. The week as a whole supports the whole article's premise about how we know so much about Drake's life that we can both love his music and then turn around and make fun of him like we've known him for years. For example, his 5 AM in Toronto video is pretty boring as a whole, but he dropped a flawless verse on No Guns Allowed and backed up his sh*t talking to Kevin Hart by waxing him "I think we beat Kevin as many times as they played that John Legend song on Think Like a Man (Tonight feat Ludacris)." Cold!

Thanks to Drake, transparency is now cool again and for that I will forever be grateful to him for bringing it back. Even though we're his fake friend, he's better off with us and we're better off with him, so as superficial as it might be, it's a symbiotic relationship that benefits all parties involved. As a quick aside, make sure and check out that dueling saxophone video in the subway. The world needs more spontaneous music like that...#Saxophone

Drake - 5 AM in Toronto (Video)

Nicki Minaj feat Lil Wayne - High School (Video)
Snoop Lion feat Drake and Cori B. - No Guns Allowed (Video)
Dueling Saxophones Playing Billie Jean on an NYC Subway
Kevin Hart's Squad Takes on Drake's Team OVO in Paintball


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