Friday, April 19, 2013

Videos of the Week April 19th

Going off the reservation a bit with more of a pop vibe on this week's video post. On first glance, it's great to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis continuing their independent assault on the music industry with Can't Hold Us. The sheer fact that they went to six continents to film the seven minute video lets me know they've got their might right and understand that success isn't guaranteed forever.

Add to that a full Drake set at the Jordan Brand Classic and a couple pop videos that are getting plenty of love on the blogosphere, and you've got a wide range sounds this week. On a quick side note, it's a little ridiculous that Psy's new Gentleman video has over 167 million views in less than a week. Is the video really that interesting??...#Gentleman
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat Ray Dalton - Can't Hold Us (Video)

Drake Live at the Jordan Brand Classic

Calvin Harris feat Ellie Goulding - I Need Your Love (Video)

Lana Del Rey - Summer Wine (Video)

Psy - Gentleman (Video)


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