Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Someone's Gonna Get Hurt, And It's Not Gonna be Me"

Even though Skylar Grey is blessed to constantly have one of the best producers in the game backing her (Alex Da Kid), I'm resigned to thinking that her angelic voice would still be enough to make her a star. To her credit, she's become much more than just your garden variety hook artist who can propel a great single to a #1 single. There's a lot of rage and emotion in her music, which a great contrast to her soothing vocals. It takes some balls and a little bit of nerve to be able to sing the f word like she does in tracks. I've done a double take more than a few times like..."wait a minute, did she just say that?" You're damn right she did and she meant it despite it being sung so sweetly.

Her newest single Don't Look Down is the second off her upcoming album Don't Look Down, which is slated to drop on July 9th. By my count she's a solid 2 for 2 on singles so far with the one below and C'mon Let Me Ride. Let me quick reiterate, don't get it twisted thinking the song below is all butterflies and rainbows because there is a nice background fight scene toward the end of the track that will raise a few eyebrows...#FinalWarning

Skylar Grey - Final Warning (prod by Alex Da Kid)


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