Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"You Are What You Love, Not Who Loves You"

Ya know what I said yesterday about my favorite track on Fall Out Boy's upcoming album being their recent collabo with Big Sean? You can flush that BS right down the toilet today after I gave a few listens to FOB's new title track for their new album Save Rock and Roll. The track is engaging from the start, marked by a rolling beat clap that leads to a vulgar tirade around the 40 sec mark. Definitely didn't see that coming, but unpredictable is usually the lyrical norm for FOB.

Sure, the hook is awesome and finds a way to embed itself in your brain on first listen, but after the first verse you begin to wonder when Elton is going to make an appearance. Then, like a closer walking in from left field, he settles in on the track. From there on, the track ultimately morphs into a powerful duet between Patrick Stump and Sir Elton (pictured above), which is one of the more awesome vocal combinations in recent memory. After the past two days, I've elevated FOB's album to must listen status, so keep that in mind next Tuesday when their album drops...#saverockandroll

Fall Out Boy feat Elton John - Save Rock and Roll


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