Monday, April 15, 2013

Daft Punk and Pharell Like to Get Lucky

If the blogosphere has any sway over what albums do well in 2013, the album that will get the biggest push will be Daft Punk's upcoming release Random Access Memories. The French electronic duo were electronica before electronica was cool, which is why I get the groundswell of appreciation for their trail blazing efforts. It's crazy to think that they haven't released an album since 2005, but the amount of hype they are getting is reaching epic levels. You would think that their new album is being released next week the way people are clamoring over their Collaborators project videos, SNL ads (below) and interviews. Below is the latest media release that came across today...

Their newest one is about as grown and sexy as it gets for electronic music. It took until the 1:06 mark for it to sound anything like a "usual" Daft Punk track, which shows a potential new direction for their music. I'm not quite buying into the hype as much as the the internet wants me to, but I'm intrigued to hear their new direction...#RAM

Daft Punk feat Pharrell & Nile Rodgers - Get Lucky


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