Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nero is Actually Capable of Making Mellow Music

The Great Gatsby Soundtrack just got a little bit greater with Nero's new track below. We still haven't gotten a full version of the Beyonce and Andre 3000's track off the album and it's already one of the more interesting compilations in recent memory. The craziest part about Nero's contribution to the soundtrack is that it established a new level of mellowness for the usually rowdy group. The melancholy and ethereal tone the track takes on is a little out of the ordinary, but interesting nonetheless. In my eyes it shows their ability to play to different audiences, but I could see how their fans could be like WTF? Regardless, the real take away is, Jay-Z did an excellent job at putting this soundtrack together...#TheGreatGatsby

Nero - Into the Past


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