Monday, April 01, 2013

Chris Brown Goes West Side Story MJ Style

It seems only fitting that Chris Brown do a West Side Story based video with all the scuffles he's been getting into of late. Clearly not one to avoid conflict, he doesn't seem afraid of much, especially the Drakes and Frank Oceans of the world. Add to that the conflicting reports that he is still with Rihanna or they may be broken's all one big show it seems like sometimes. Drama aside, he can dance...about as well as the late Micheal Jackson, who he clearly channeled in his new single below...

Fine China is set to hit iTunes tomorrow and will be the lead single off his upcoming album X. To be honest his lead single isn't getting me half as excited for his new album as the announced inclusion production giants Diplo and Danja on his new album. The visuals will probably end up making more noise than the track itself, but I'm optimistic he's got some heat rocks coming down the pike...#FineChina

Chris Brown - Fine China (prod by RoccStar)


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