Monday, April 22, 2013

Logic Was Just Added to Ms Jackson

Like many other extremely talented white rappers before him Logic is facing the uphill battle of overcoming the prejudice of being light skinned. Given, it's easy for me to play arm chair quarterback when I'm white myself, but without seeing his picture I know one thing for sure is the boy can spit. His flow reminds me of a slightly edgier version of Diggy Simmons, but what I appreciate the most about his style is his lyrical depth. He wordplay isn't based off rhyming four letter words, he's got a knack for telling a story and being articulate when he does it.

I'm a little behind on XXL's 2013 Freshman Class, but the fact that Logic was a part of the list gives it some credibility in my eyes. If you're keeping track at home, I'm a fan of Kirko Bangz and Travis Scott is growing on me, but the majority of the bunch are question marks for me at the moment. Another thing I noticed was that the Ms. Jackson instrumental inspired quite a bit of nostalgia when I listening to Logic spit over the beat. Man those were the days...#OutkastReunion

Logic - Roll Call


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