Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"What Happens in Miami, Never Happened"

As promised, more new @Pitbull from his newly released album Global Warming. The main takeaway I've gleaned from listening to his new album is that it's very heavy on the electronica thanks in big part to @djafrojack. The biggest reason why this song will stick on the pop charts and clubs around the world has to be with Pitbull's newly coined Miami version of "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

There's always a market for going out to the club and getting drunk theme songs and Last Night absolutely nails it. Honestly, my first thought when listening to this track was Hangover 3 in Miami. In every way, from the beat to the lyrics, the song would work well as the theme song. The schizophrenic, high pitched electronic beat contrasts well soothing vocals provided by @djhavanabrown. It's got the trifecta: catchy lyrics, club beat and melodic hook. When all the dust settles, this may end up being the most popular single on Pitbull's new album, which is actually saying a lot...#GlobalWarming

Update: I guess I wasn't the only one who took notice of the track because @liltunchi and @ParisHilton just released a remix of the track below today called Last Night (I Wanna Bang You). Same beat, different vocals and lyrics...#OriginalIsWayBetter

Pitbull feat Havana Brown - Last Night (prod by Afrojack)


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