Friday, November 02, 2012

Videos of the Week November 2nd

If I were to pick a theme this week, it would be behind the scenes. Between the @UsherRaymondIV and @THEREALSWIZZZ behind the scenes videos and @TWISTAgmg's freestyle, it's officially backstage week. Mixed in is a short Halloween freestyle from newly minted lyricist of the year @kendricklamar and a really entertaining new video from the reincarnation of @SnoopDogg through Snoop Lion.

I'll say this, lyricist of the year needs to be broken up into categories. I say that because when it comes to telling as story through lyrics, Kendrick has everyone beat hands down this year. If you asked me to pick who could freestyle off cue cards best as a lyricist, my vote would go to @realchiddy, who still coincidentally owns the record for longest sustained freestyle. Not taking anything away from either and to be honest they're two different forms of intellect being manifested through Hip Hop, so they both deserve credit in their own right. Either way it should speak volumes that I've posted about Kendrick three times this week. Simply put, his ascension into my live starting five with Drake, J Cole, B.O.B., Wiz Khalifa may have sent Wale to 6th man...#JamesHarden

Kendrick Lamar Halloween Freestyle with Cue Cards

Swizz Beatz ft. Ludacris & Chris Brown – Everyday Birthday (Trailer)

Ludacris & Usher Record Rest of My Life

Snoop Lion - La La La (Video)

Twista - Show N Off Freestyle


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