Monday, November 12, 2012

The Doors Get Skrilled & Break a Sweat

I'm about six months late on posting the track, but now that a "real video" (rather than a documentary video) has surfaced for the track this week, I'm going to act like I posted the track below when Bangarang dropped last December. Break'n a Sweat is the much-hyped @skrillex collaboration with @TheDoors that has received just a much criticism as it has praise because of the generation blending of the two collaborating artists. Some people were up in arms because a Jim Morrison interview was sampled on the track, while others thought the effort was somewhat admirable. Either way it is what is it because in today's music world there is absolutely nothing that is safe from sampling.

Check the new sci-fi flavored video below or the iTunes link to cop the track...

Skrillex & The Doors - Break'n a Sweat


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