Sunday, November 11, 2012

"I’m so Wrong, I’m so Wrong"

With a debut studio album on the way, it seems like every other day a new @theweekndxo track surfaces on the interwebs. Out of the few that have dropped, the one that stuck with me was Twenty Eight. Known to be the just as melancholy as @ducidni with the lyrics, Abel lives up to his reputation on his new one below.

The cool part about his debut is that he's combining his previous three mixtape releases (House of Balloons, Thursday, Echoes of Silence) and adding on one new song to each of the three discs. Twenty Eight is going to be on the first disc with the other tracks from his highly acclaimed House of Balloons mixtape. If you're in the market for a moody, somber ballad that just might have you questioning whether or not The Weeknd might be channeling his inner Michael Jackson, you'll enjoy his new one...#OVOXO

The Weeknd - Twenty Eight


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