Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Miss America, Petty Thoughts"

I've repeated stated over the past year that @JColeNC is without question in my top five favorite artists in Hip Hop. I've always struggled trying to pinpoint which of his abilities I have more of a respect for, his lyrical talent or his ability to produce his own music. Part of me appreciates his realness and penchant for storytelling, but what really set him apart from the rest is his ability to take song from start to finish.

And that's even more evident with new lead single Miss America off his upcoming album Born Sinner due out on January 28th. On the track Cole takes a critical angle at things like the government and other Hip Hop artists with lines like, "Rap game changed, this is embarrassing sh*t/Bunch of b*tches posin’ on some old Miss America sh*t." Beat wise, the rolling percussion heavy beat comes off sounding like a formidable march. In essence, the track achieves what it needs to as a lead single by being loud and memorable. It's more than enough to have me excited for his new album...#BornSinner

J Cole - Miss America


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