Saturday, November 17, 2012

"We Are the Lucky Ones, We Are Free to Love"

Earlier this week I posted @thelumineers feel good single Ho Hey and I wrote about how it was jovial, feel good track. If it could copy and paste that sentiment into this post, it would describe it's essence to a T. I'll say this though, @wyntermusic sounds strikingly similar to @gwenstefani on her new track Lucky Ones. Just close your eyes and listen to it, you'll think you're listening to a @nodoubt track.

Comparisons aside, the upbeat, positive vibe of the track is infectious x 10. It's the type of emotion evoking track that finds it's way on a big time motion picture. What I can tell you is that Lucky Ones is scheduled to surface on part two of Wynter's four part Human Condition EPs. The first one was called Doleo, which was released four months ago via Soundcloud. About a month ago she started releasing her second Human Condition EP, Sanguine, which is where Lucky Ones landed.

Lucky for us, Wynter is nice enough to provide it all to us for free...#WeAreTheLuckyOnes

Wynter Gordon - Lucky Ones


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