Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"You Make it Feel Like Home"

When a new electronic single jumps to the top of Beatport's top 100, you can bet that I'll be posting it. Such is the case for @nickyromero and @nervomusic's new hit Like Home. The combination of Nervo's soothing pre-drop vocals and Nicky's aggressive synths allow the track to play well on both radio and in the club. You better believe it's a prime time, end-the-set type of electric crowd pleaser.

Like most great house tracks, Like Home isn't on iTunes yet, so if you want to cop it, you'll have to venture to the European equivalent. The real question is, will European electric artists start pushing for their music to be on iTunes as much as they do with Beatport? In my eyes, it's heading that way, but there are probably a lot of good rea$on$ why it hasn't happened already...#TheMightyDollar

Nicky Romero & Nervo - Like Home (Beatport)


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