Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Baby Don't Forget My Name When the Morning Breaks Us"

You know what, it's a shame @elliegoulding and @skrillex broke up because they make great music together. Even though their split was amicable and due to distance, it makes you wonder if future collaborations will possible.

Ironically their new track Bittersweet is centered around breaking up. The somber, emotional tone is perfectly fitting for the newest episode in the teen angst driven Twilight series. With Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 hitting theaters this weekend, I would imagine a lot more tweens are going to be going to iTunes in search of the soundtrack.

If you're a Dubstep fan, you're probably going to listen to the track below and think to yourself, how in the hell was Skrillex involved in this track? The only hint of electronics on the track is the reversed sample, which is similar to what he did with Ellie's vocals on Summit. If anything I gained a new appreciation for Skrillex's genius on Bittersweet because the track was well put together and a complete 180 from his usual music. Anybody who can manage to make rave quality dance music and turn around and help craft a beautiful ballad deserves some dap...#Versatility

Ellie Goulding - Bittersweet (prod by Skrillex) (iTunes)


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