Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Miami, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Spain, Lost"

After a few laps around Channel Orange, I feel like I'm now comfortable picking a favorite. There's just something about Lost that I find myself singing every time I listen to it. The beat has a happy-go-lucky, cheerful vibe to it that Frank plays off of well with his soulful harmony sprinkled throughout. The picture he paints of a woman truly struggling to find herself everywhere she goes is a story that will probably resonate with a lot of people. No matter where you go, if your lifestyle is the same, you'll always find yourself getting caught up and somehow lost.

In case you missed it, Channel Orange made a huge first week cannonball splash on Billboard, landing at #2. For those keeping score at home, he sold 131,000 digital copies solely on the iTunes store, meaning big box retail outlets haven't even had a chance to put his album out on shelves yet. Kudos to Frank, that's a statement in and of itself. I can't think of many other artists I'd rather support right now than @frank_ocean for a lot of reasons. This week it's his music, which will hopefully rise to #1 by next week...#GoCopChannelOrange

Frank Ocean - Lost


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