Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Roof Behind the Grill, Barbeque Sauce"

You'd be hard pressed to find a more summer friendly jam than @asherroth's new one with @meltslovebuddy. I'll take it a step further and opine that if you don't feel like buying some charcoal and making some burger after listening to this track, then you must not be listenin' right. The bangin' beat put together by @hudmo sets the table with plush white linens, allowing both the lyricists to rap about anything and everything involving a cookout.

Ash Roth and Buddy work well together trading increasingly high octane bars as the track progresses. At the very least this track should have you chanting "Barbeque sauce, Buh-Barbeque sauce, barbeque sauce, buh-barbeque sauce" and thinking of your favorite BBQ saaawwwce. If KC Masterpiece or Hunt's doesn't make a commercial using the song below, then someone in marketing is sleeping on the job. Matter of fact, I'ma go and check the fridge to make sure I'm stocked up after thinking about all this time...#MolassesIsWhereItsAt

Asher Roth feat Buddy - Roof Behind the Grill(prod by Hudson Mohawke)


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