Friday, July 27, 2012

Videos of the Week July 27th

If you haven't seen the video for Korea's Ace Power horse riding apparatus, then complexly ignore what I'm writing right now and just press play below. If you thought the Shake Weight was good, then you'll probably appreciate the way we were just one upped by the Koreans. All I'm waiting for is the porn industry to start a summer camp that trains all the "sex muscles" using the aforementioned training devices.

Not a big week on actual videos, but it was cool hearing Swizzy talk about the whole Megaupload case and seeing @bobatl take over Atlanta. Oh and this just in, Chelsea Lately loves black men. Anybody else have tickets to see the Budweiser Made in America tour? Should be a show Philly hasn't seen in years...#Epic

Horse Riding Fitness Ace Power (*Funny*)

Swizz Beats Speaks on Megaupload Case & Reebok

Jay-Z's Made in America Budweiser Commercial

B.O.B. Takes Over Atlanta Braves Game

Rick Ross Interviewed by Chelsea Lately


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