Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bei Maejor & Diplo Party at the Crib

I've been a fan of just about everything @beimaejor has done from his numerous production/writing credits to the mixtapes he has released himself. I've always maintained that his original Upside Down mixtape was my favorite mixtapes in 2010. Still, to date it's only been mixtapes and behind the scenes work with no studio albums to extend his fan base.

That's all going to change around the end of 2012 when he is set to release his studio debut Making Up. On the album you can probably expect his two previous singles Trouble with @JColeNC and Lights Down Low with @WakaFlockaBSM. You can add to that the song below featuring the production of @diplo. What you can expect is a laid back party track with plenty of repeatable, chopped up lyrics. I'm not sure yet whether I will end up liking it more than Trouble, but either way, it's going to get some serious play on Top 40 radio...#SummerAnthem

Bei Maejor - Party at the Crib (prod by Diplo & Bei Maejor)


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