Sunday, July 22, 2012

Afrojack Rocks the House

My weekly visit to Beatport turned out to be fruitful this week as I uncovered the new electro anthem Rock the House by @djafrojack. The track has it's fair share of build ups and crescendo's to go with a catchy "Rrrr ra ra rock this house" sample. The original mix below is a marathon of a track eclipsing the 7 min mark, so if you're one who reads the cliffnotes to books, you may want to hold out for a radio edit at some point.

If you forced me to choose between his new one below and his previous single Can't Stop Me Now, I'd have to side with his previous release. Between the beat being a little less repetitive and @shermanology pitching in some high octane vocals, it's the all around better track. Still, tracks don't get to #1 on Beatport by being sub-par, so if you're a hardcore electronic fan, you may prefer the vocal-less track below...#CantGoWrongWithAfrojack

Afrojack - Rock the House (Original Mix)


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