Monday, July 23, 2012

"Standing in the Hall of Fame"

After two really solid albums, it's not a big surprise that @thescript is now starting to reel in some high powered features on their upcoming album #3. The high powered feature I'm referring to is the omnipotent international pop superstar known as @iamwill (pictured above in studio). If you're worried that The Script switched up their style with Will on the track, fear not. They still managed to stick to the manu-script that got them to the level they're at now. (I know, that was bad)

The strength of their music has always been their irresistible hooks and undeniable piano-heavy instrumentals. Hall of Fame is par for the course with Will I Am (suprisingly) only chipping in a few background vocals. The track below will serve it's purpose well as the lead single off their upcoming album #3, which is scheduled for an October 9th release. I can only hope it'll be as good as their first two albums...#TheScript3

The Script feat Will I Am - Hall of Fame


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