Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Frank Ocean and Andre 3000
Believe in Pink Matter

Now that @frank_ocean's studio debut Channel Orange is a week away from being released, I feel like it's my job to give you a reason to cop it if you were on the fence. Why is it my job to try and get you to buy it you ask? Well...it's not, but I do respect the hell out of him as a person and artist and as a result feel inclined to be supportive of his music.

To this date, nobody in Hip Hop or R&B has had the balls to openly admit to the world that they are homosexual. That changed last week when Frank shared a long, deeply personal and introspective story about how he once fell in love with another man. Sure, Hip Hop and black culture as a whole has seemingly begun to embrace homosexuality the past few years with Obama leading the way, but that doesn't make his open declaration any easier I'd imagine. I'm hoping more people follow the lead that Jay-Z and Beyonce took when they openly came out in ardent support of Frank.

Even though we all seem to feel like we know Frank a little better after reading his innermost feelings, one thing that hasn't changed is his ability to make great music. His new track below with Three Stacks is all the proof you need to back up my previous sentence. The smooth, jazzy feel of the track works extremely well with Frank's high octane vocals and Andre's quirky, off the wall verse. They're a match made in collaboration heaven stylistically with both preferring to pave their own way rather than follow the path previously traveled.

I'm not even close to at a point yet where I'd feel comfortable picking a favorite on Channel Orange, but tonight Pink Matter is the best I got. Not too bad for a Tuesday night dominated by the #ASG...

Frank Ocean feat Andre 3000 - Pink Matter


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