Thursday, July 19, 2012

"You Should Listen to This Beat Through My Headphones"

The phrase highly anticipated seems like cliche hyperbole when @rickyrozay, @drdre and @S_C_ get together on a track. With God Forgives, I Don't about a week away from landing, the Funk Flex release of the new single is timed just right for getting some momentum going. Despite the high profile cast it still smells like a "street single" rather than typical hook driven promo/radio single. The lack of hook and continual head nod beat cooked up by @jakeuno are the streetworthy elements I'm basing my opinion on.

So does the high powered lyricism live up to the hype? Well..let's take a quick inventory on the verses. Dre got to shout out his headphones, Jigga got speak creatively about how embarrassingly rich he is and Ricky Rozay got to his thing by rapping about the usual money, cash, cars. You could say it's all around par for the course given the cast and simple, get the job done beat. As I write this the track has gone from tagged to untagged too, so you could say it's getting some attention on the interwebs tonight.

If you like Rick Ross, you'll like this track. Post Port of Miami, I wouldn't call myself the biggest Raaaawwws fan, so I can respect the collabo, but it won't have a high replay value on my revolving daily iPod playlists, no matter how much I really try to like it. Still, all signs are pointing toward platinum for #GFID.

Rick Ross feat Dr. Dre & Jay-Z - 3 Kings (prod by Jake One)


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