Wednesday, July 18, 2012

JoJo Will Show You How It's Done

In my humble (daily) opinion, matching up @JoJoistheway and @OVO40 on a single together is a good look. Seeing that 40 is @Drake's right hand man when it comes to production, playing the R&B card isn't a stretch at all. I've said before that I'm not afraid to admit being a fan of JoJo and even though Demonstrate probably wouldn't rank in my top five favorite tracks of hers, it's still a solid all around effort.

The track will serve as the second single off Jumping Trains following her previously released Disaster. No word on a concrete release date on her Fall album, but it's becoming increasingly clear that she's breaking out the big guns this time around with @timbaland, @boi1da and @RodneyJerkins all making appearances on the album. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until August 28th to cop the track below on iTunes, but until then feel free to sample below. #TasteBeforeYouBuy

JoJo - Demonstrate (prod by Noah "40" Shebib)


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