Saturday, July 07, 2012

"Listen Close, Can You Hear the
Sound of Love?"

There are very few artists or groups who have been able to successfully pull off a mix of Rock and Hip Hop. When I say that I'm not talking as far back as Run DMC or Beastie Boys, I'm talking recently like doing it as well as @theroots. You can add the track below to the list of successful genre mash ups because @JColeNC and @volitheentity.

You may have noticed this isn't the first track Cole world and Voli have done together. About a year ago they teamed up with @OMEN on Pity, which was on Cole's Any Given Sunday mixtape. You may not have thought much of their original collabo, though, after listening to Sound of Love (below_. The upbeat, head nod worthy beat on the track is awe inspiring and reminds me of @puregold183's track The Seed 2.0. Even better, Cole maanged to incorporate some good ol' country fiddle on the end of the track, which was a cool touch. Although the beat is what makes the track, don't sleep on the Jersey native's ability to deliver a quality 16 to match the intensity of the beat either.

Evidently the track below is set to land on Voli's upcoming album The Wall. Feel free to take a quick listen to the album sampler, stream or download here if you like.

Voli feat J. Cole - Sound of Love (prod by J Cole)


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