Thursday, March 24, 2011

Can't See the Top of the World? Must Be Cataracs

Yea I know, I'm like 6 months late on this track, but let's be honest, I had no clue who @thecataracs were until they produced Like a G6 for @fareastmovement. That track will forever light up dance floors and that's mostly due to the irresistibly uptempo beat Campa and Cyrano put together. If you're expecting a G6-like track, you're expectations aren't going to be far off with Top of the World. It's every bit as club worthy and the addition of @DEVisHot's angellic vocals on the hook is icing on the cake (video below)...

The mellowness of the chorus giving way to the eye popping, dance yourself clean electro madness is what took this track to the top of my playlist. Got a cardio mix? This one's for you, don't sleep on it any longer than I did, it's criminal the hibernation I let happen over this track. You can expect me to make a concerted effort to post more music by The Cataracs to make up for it #HopeYoullForgiveMe...

The Cataracs feat Dev - Top of the World


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