Friday, March 25, 2011

"No Socks And My Boat Shoes, Guess I'm Eating Good Like Whole Foods"

So Rolling Papers made it's way onto the internet a week before it's true release, which isn't too bad considering how in demand it will be. Still need a few more listens to get a album review together, but early indications are that they are a few tracks you haven't heard yet that you'll really like. Below is one of them and it's very G-funk like a lot of Wiz's music. Maybe it's because he's been hangin' out with the Dogfather of late or because they both like to roll up the same paper planes when they smoke.

Regardless of why, the slow and steady knock of this one will have you noddin' your head as @realwizkhalifa and @currensy_spitta trade laid back raps. Real smooth, this Curren$y cat is starting to grow on me a bit, he's got that mumbled delivery and grimy way he goes about spittin'. One of my new favorites, give it a listen and check Wiz at his album release party turned smoke session in Chi-town this week...
Wiz Khalifa feat Curren$y - Rooftop


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