Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big Fan of Erin Christine Naked

I don't blame you if you haven't heard of @imerinchristine yet, but I'm bound and determined to end that by the end of this post. To get acclimated with her talent, I'd visit her YouTube channel or just click the embedded video below of her covering Beyonce's Halo..

Girl's got some pipes, which augment her ability to tickle the ivory and isn't pretty obvious she's got the looks to pull it off. Voices like this don't go unnoticed and I've got that feeling like it's only a matter of time before she gets a record deal and the chance to follow in some of her idol's shoes (Alicia Keys, John Legend, Stevie Wonder).

Below is a remix to Erin's newest single Naked featuring up and coming Hip Hop artist @xtothev. Serious dap is in order for the verse delivered by X to the V, with lines like:
"Just for me to say this to your face, I was waitin' two months, and if we break fast, I won't make it to lunch"
"But if you'd be my Harvey Dent, that's my better half, one day I'll put you in a ring like Everlast". The two make for a great and completely unexpected duo, but two artists I'm really looking forward to hearing more from.

If you like the track below, you'll probably like this one too with XV, Vado, CyHi and Erin all gettin' together on one track. Talk about a buzz track chalked with talent...

Erin Christine feat XV - Naked (remix)


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