Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Adele and Forte Set Fire to the Rain

I'm waaaay late, but fully running behind the @officialadele bandwagon. I haven't heard a woman with as much organic soul in her voice since @jossstone and I'd even go as far as to say she's twice as good as @iamduffymusic despite sounding eerily similar. Right now I'm zoning out to her rendition of @311's Love Song and the only thing that's missing is that whiny background guitar riff that sets offsets the sappy lyrics to perfection.

Not to be discounted is @gilbereforte's emotional verses that find a way to match the powerful hook delivered by Adele on the original track. My girl just said, "This reminds me of Rihanna and Eminem" and I can't disagree, the raw emotion can be compared to I Love the Way You Lie. Also deserving mention is @UnknownNick aka Twice as Nice who weaved Gilbere's verses in while adding a Hip Hop touch to the beat, preserving the quality of the original and taking it a step further to make it appeal to Hip Hop heads.

A+ track, clearly one of my favorites this month, not enough praise or time of day to give this one justice...

Adele feat Gibere Forte - Set Fire to the Rain (Remix)


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