Monday, March 14, 2011

"They Can’t See Me, But They Feel Me, I’m Basically Braille"

Chalk another (soon to be) hit up for British rapper @chipmunkartist, this time enlisting the services of the beautiful @MissKeriBaby on his new made for radio track In the Air. Between this and his collabo with @chrisbrown on Champion, it's safe to say he's one of the few British artists who have been able to seek out top notch US talent and as a result, appeal to a greater audience. He's young, he's got the ability to connect with noteworthy Hip Hop/R&B mainstays and there's something so different about his accented flow that intriguing and different, which adds a whole novelty to his music. Sometimes it can pay to be a trail blazer (just ask Greg Oden) and that's exactly what Chipmunk is turning out to be with the singles he's released so far.

What remains to be seen is if he can sell records in the US? Jury is still out with In the Air hitting iTunes yesterday, but the real question will be if his upcoming album album Transition, due out on April 18th,will get some SoundScan love. Hopefully his A&R step up the promotion on theses two solid singles, which (by American Hip Hop standards) already qualifies his upcoming album as a noteworthy effore (sadly).

Better hitch a ride on the bandwagon, it's about to get a lil' crowded if some of these Chipmunk tracks start circulating on US radio. Lookin' forward to his new track with @treysongz titled Take Off....#StayTuned and give the homie some love on iTunes.

Chipmunk feat Keri Hilson - In the Air (prod by Harmony)


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