Thursday, March 31, 2011

There Will Be No Future if You Mess With Bobby Ray

"Fresh to death, I see you in the afterlife
I eat bars, eat beasts for my appetite"
Damn! Sounds like someone lit a fire under @bobatl with the ferocity he attacks his new 2 minute freestyle No Future. Supposedly it's a diss track aimed at Odd Future after their click's leader @fucktyler called B.O.B. a “f*ggot” on the track Yonkers. Now before I pass judgement, let me make clear I'm generally a fan of weird, alternative forms of Hip Hop. I'm almost ashamed to say I, (like many others) went through an ICP phase and still get a few chuckles out of @therealroyce59's (at times) twisted lyrics.

With that being said I did the stop in your tracks and slowly turn your head around HUH?!?! with an eyebrow raise (for good measure) when I heard people arguing that Tyler the Creator shoulda been on XXL's Freshman cover. Look I can dig the gothic, dark, creepiness of @techn9ne's face painted appearance because he's a crazy talented lyricist, but to this point I am absolutely not feelin' the intentionally disturbing and manufactured shock value of Tyler's music thus far. Sure, it's easy to favor the more established, popular artist, but show me somethin' of value Odd Future...#RealTalk

It's good to see Bobby Ray isn't getting too comfy with his newfound success. Always good to have someone coming after you when you're on top and it looks like there's no let up in sight...

B.O.B. - No Future


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