Tuesday, March 22, 2011

B.O.B. Takes On Sinatra, New York

It's not everyday someone as high profile as @bobatl undertakes a task as large as covering a classic Frank Sinatra track. To his credit, he doesn't turn it into a slow ballad, deciding instead to borrow the familiar piano intro and run with it over a garage band sounding drum sample. You may be thinking to yourself, I have already heard a sample of this track, but where? It was on EA's new video game release Chysis 2 trailer that's been aired of late (below)...

Not really sure how the track has anything to do with the video game, but what the hell, Bobby Ray has become Hip Hop's most marketable new artist (even ahead of Drake I'd say). Either way it's pretty ballsy to try and pull off a cover of a track that no man, woman or child should touch without finding a fail-safe way to make it their own track for risk of desecrating it. There's no possible way anyone coulda done it better than Franky though, that's my word...

It's a push on the Sample Justice verdict, I mean I love Bobby Ray and I'd consider myself a fan of the track, but there are some tracks that are so pristine they should be untouched and unsampled. I'd put this in that category....buuuut keep this music roll you got goin' on B.O.B., your consistency in churning out great music is starting to become legen....wait for it...wait for it...hope you're not lactose intolerant...dairy...#ThanksFortheCornyJokeNicFulton

B.O.B. - NY, NY


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