Tuesday, March 08, 2011

"It Go Green Light, Go Weezy Go, I Like to Taste That Sugar, That Sweet'N Lo"

It seems like now more than ever, regardless of how hardcore or gangsta rappers may claim to be, none of them are above dropping a hot (and seductive) 16 over a slow jam. Blame that on the Hip Hop leaders and their penchant for gettin' in where the $$$ lives and realizing that sometimes it takes goin, in on a soft, syn laden pitter patter beat to get some love on iTunes/the radio. Find me two better at it right now than @liltunechi and @drakkardnoir, the only argument I'd even listen to is for @TIP or @MYFABOLOUSLIFE to be in the discussion.

Oh yea, it helps that everyone is still infatuated with the sounds comin' out of @iamjimjonsin's keys too. Can't hate, I still have yet to hear a Jim Jonsin beat that hasn't eventually ended up in the hands of someone who could turn it into a hit. I'd say this puts a bow on a pretty damn impressive upcoming album from @kellyrowland, although it's odd to see a artist release four singles before the albums hits shelves. Commander was a classic track though, and I really thought Grown Ass Woman shoulda gotten a little more love than it did, especially from women who it had the power to inspire. By my count that's three rock solid singles if you count the track below, which is more than most albums nowadays.

Even if you're not an R&B fan and this isn't your cup of white tea (#MoreAntioxidants #StepYourGreenTeaGameUp), it's always fun to hear Weezy F in his element, methodically spittin' swagger dripped seduction bar after bar...#LLWeezyF

Kelly Rowland feat Lil Wayne - Motivation (prod by Jim Jonsin)


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