Monday, March 28, 2011

"We All Gotta Grind I Do Mine With Instrumentals"

"Don't go between your legs before you even learn to dribble,
And the man that has a lot I bet he started with a little"
Amid the mixtape chaos of the past three weeks, you may have passed over @dopeitsdom's newest effort The Original Dom Kennedy. I won't pass judgment if you did pass it over, I'm finding myself still trying to make it through one lap of all the newness that has dropped on the past month. Still, you NEED to at the very least give it a pass over, especially with @chuckisdope adding his personal touch on a few beats.

The one below is a clear standout, like on the level of Watermelon Sundae type good. With the West Coast still searching for an identity to progress past the G-Funk movement provided for so many years by Tha Dogg Pound and Snoop, I'm hoping artists like @therealcrookedi, @ITSPACDIV or @dopeitsdom can stake their claim and put their stamp on the left coast. For now I'm gonna keep pushing Dom's music because he's got a smooth sound goin' on with his unassuming flow and boisterous delivery. Hard to put my finger on a comparison, but who needs one, you be the judge for yourself...

Dom Kennedy - Goodbye (prod by Chuck Inglish)

Bonus: Feel free to stream or download the mixtape below thanks to datpiff...


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