Saturday, March 05, 2011

Shady Records 2.0

Consider this the first of many great collaborations between @EMINEM and new hires, @S1AUGHTERHOUSE & @yelawolf. Any questions about whether or not Em & the lyrical wordsmiths of Slaughter would mesh have been long answered on previous tracks like the Recovery bonus track Session One and the Microphone (Remix). Honestly, it's a no brainer chemistry wise since all five lyricists consistently try to raise the bar lyrically on every verse with lines that make witty sound like an underwhelming description.

That leaves one question, will Catfish Billy's unique delivery and zoned out content blend? On the first effort below, he does stand out style wise as different from everyone else on the track, which doesn't help the continuity of the track, but I'm far from a point where I feel comfortable passing judgement. All I can say it I'm excited as hell that this track is the starting point and it's only gonna get better from here on out.

Couple Quoteables:
Royce (@therealroyce59)
"Quick devour polish it, politics, by the way I’m higher than the Eiffel tower tip
I like writing but I will stick this pencil in your ass before I write ya shit"
Joell (@joellortiz)
"Nickel, I just picked up a Phantom, look how it Rolls, Royce!
Even if I want to quit, I ain’t got no choice
Verses keep coming, I should invoice my own voice"
Budden (@joebudden)
"My men think in sync, roll with the best crew
Move to the beat of the same drum without Lex Luger"
"Need results from my actions, mistakes I’ll exonerate
I’m Martin King staring at a picture of Obama’s face"
Crook (@therealcrookedi)
"Tell me when and I’m there
Not only heir to the throne, but my chair is suspended in air
Stay fly like a limited fare
You got us pegged wrong, my circle don’t fit in with squares"
YelaWolf (@yelawolf)
"In an old ’89, no piece if you pay me
Gimme peace sign on my grill, no Mercedes
I’m getting paid for these shows that I throw lately
Same shows a year ago woulda broken most of you crazies"
Eminem Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf - 2.0 Boys
Photo Credit: XXL


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