Friday, August 22, 2014

Videos of the Week August 20th

When it came to videos this week, there wasn't much buzz beyond Nicki Minaj's soft core porn video for Anaconda. My has more buns than bakery on a Sunday morning. Shoot somewhere Sir-Mix-Alot is blushing because of the asstronomical amount of booty viewable in that video. Even tossed in a Drake cameo while they were at it case you wondered how he behaves at strip clubs.

Beyond that, Haim's new Hip Hop flavored My Song 5 was a fun watch, as well as Seven Lions' sci-fi, planetary visuals for Worlds Apart. Oh I see what they did with the whole worlds and planet thing. As if Denzel's presence wasn't enough to carry a trailer, the creators of The Equalizer decided it would be an even better decision to throw in a clip of an unreleased, upcoming Eminem song with Sia. That was a good call and we're all now excited. And finally, Floss gave a short 10 min behind the scenes look at his tour, which was pretty cool to watch. Living on the road has to be tough, but when the audience gets THAT hype to your music, it has to get to a point where he's pinching himself on a daily basis...#HDYNATION
Nicki Minaj - Anaconda (Video)

Haim feat A$AP Ferg - My Song 5 (Video)

The Equalizer Trailer (feat new Eminem song)

Flosstradamus Tour Video

Seven Lions feat Kerli - Worlds Apart (Video)

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