Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lil Silva and BANKS Get UK Funky

Keeping it 100 for a minute, I feel ashamed for being so late to the party on Lil Silva. With a name like Lil Silva, I thought he was just another up and coming Hip Hop act. Come to find out he's a talented British producer and ambassador of funk. Case in point his latest single featuring the sultry BANKS. I don't need to continue gushing about how much I love BANKS, y'all have heard that already. Now I need to start focusing some of that attention on TJ Carter and this whole UK Funky movement.

Enchantingly sexy is the best description I can give to Don't You Love. The mix of tribal funk and soulful vocals are downright refreshing. I feel like tonight I discovered a new permutation of music that I will end up really enjoying. Lucky for us, Lil Silva just released his latest Mabel EP last week. Follow me on over to iTunes y'all, we've got some catching up to do...#Mabel

Lil Silva feat BANKS - Don't You Love


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