Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Home of the Brave and Free, Free Just to Muder Me"

We may never know whether T.I. was planning on releasing his New National Anthem this week or whether the Michael Brown incident expedited the release. Whatever the case, it's a lyrically armed track that is pointed straight at guns and their impact on American society. It's an interesting track in that the Skylar Grey hook is meant for radio, but T.I.'s verses and ad-libs are no-holds barred. The bouncy beat makes for a fun listen, but the beat makes it tough to hear the underlying message he's trying to deliver, which is frustrating at times.

The track is set to surface on T.I.'s upcoming album Paperwork, which he's compared to Outkast's Aquemini and Jay Z's The Blueprint. That's a tall order, but New National Anthem is a definitely a step in the right direction. Again, let's all hope this renewed attention of gun violence in American leads to something productive for us all so that we don't keep seeing the same situation repeat itself...#NewNationalAnthem

T.I. feat Skylar Grey - New National Anthem


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