Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Flosstradamus Rebounds With a Trip to Chillville

In general, I like being surprised. There's nothing like having a preconceived notion flipped on it's head, forcing you to change how you view something. In this case, the "viewing something" is my assumption that Flosstradamus makes rowdy trap music. No so fast my friend! #CorsoStyle

Just when you thought he had turnt up as much as they possibly could, Floss took a left turn to chillville. He summed it up best by saying,
“Rebound is a departure from the normal maximal trap sound we pioneered. We felt that after Mosh Pit and TTU with Waka we wanted to make a song that sounded like something we listen to at the crib, or in the car on the way home from a show. Curt and I are both fans of mellow, downtempo music, and this is our nod to that world. This is an exciting step in a new, more mature direction for us.”
Cheers to going to where you haven't gone before! Love it when artists break away from what they think people know them for. I may not like Rebound as much as some of his others, but I appreciate the hell out of his now wider range of possibilities as an artist. I have absolutely no problem cooling out Elkka's soothing vocals on this one...#Rebound

As a quick aside, quit it with the exclusive Spotify streaming. Making it hard for people to preview your new single is not cool. If you want blogs to post your new material to get people excited about it, don't make me sign up for a Spotify account or worse, sign over massive amounts of privacy by having me log into Facebook for Spotify. I really hope Floss made more than a few pennies for exclusively releasing the Rebound on Spotify because it's capping the user experience off at the knees...


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