Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kill Paris Delivers a Silky Louis Futon Remix

When I see the words "Kill Paris Remix", there's an assumed amount of smoothness I look forward to when I press play. Calming bass and a steady dose of funk what I've learned to appreciate about his style. Add to that the added intrigue that comes from not recognizing the artist (Louis Futon) that one of my favorite artists decides to remix and you've got yourself a potentially awesome track.

While Silk didn't have the usual ingredient of funk, I liked the fruity woodwinds mixed throughout. It's a super chill track that fits the easy-listening dubstep style I've grown to enjoy. The best part about it, it's available for free download if you like it as much as I did...#Silk

Louis Futon - Silk (Kill Paris Remix)


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