Sunday, August 03, 2014

"Like a Deer Drinking Water in a Picture Frame"

Two years ago, if you would have called Seattle a Hip Hop hub, you would have gotten more than a few long looks. Then, along came Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, planting the seeds of Hip Hop in the northeast last year. Now, it looks like the area is on a bit of a come up with Fences joining the fray. I'd characterize his style as a mix of Indie/pop/Hip Hop than mingles well with the sound Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have established.

The real hero on Arrows has got to be Ryan Lewis. He really knows how to craft a song into a story with the help of Macklemore's extraordinary tempo instincts on his delivery. The beat always seems to perfectly augment the emotion and inflection that Macklemore is exuding. If you want an example, just fast forward to the 2:20 mark of the song below and witness the gradual build up of emotion and jubilation. On first listen I was lukewarm on the track, but after the second listen, I have had it on steady repeat...#Arrows

Fences feat Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Arrows


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