Thursday, August 14, 2014

"I Need You To Use Use Use Your Imagination"

Fact 1: Deep house and funk go together like PB&J.
Fact 2: Gorgon City makes some of the best PB&J on the block.
Fact 3: Gorgon City is releasing a pack of tasty PB&J sandwiches in the form of their debut album Sirens on October 7th.

Now that we've got the formalities out of the way, make way for my new favorite track by Gorgon City. Led by the groovy vocals of Katy Menditta and the low, bouncy rhythms, Imagination is a fun track. There are similarities to 90s synth pop, but the new incarnation seems that much more refined and smooth. This is end of the week music, vibe out to this one on your way home from work on Friday...#Sirens

Gorgon City feat Katy Menditta - Imagination


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