Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Watch Night Comin' Down on the Sovereign Lights Cafe"

Assist to Beatport on the newly remixed @keaneofficial single Sovereign Light Cafe. Thanks to @djafrojack, the nostalgia soaked ballad about a small Sovereign Light Cafe in Bexhill On Sea was able to come to live in very jubilant way. Maybe it's because I tend to listen too closely to lyrics and how they are delivered, but listening to this track made me want to be in the town of Bexhill. The lyrics come off as being so genuinely joyous that the track is downright infectious.

Shoot I even went as far as to try and Google the locations like Powdermill Lane and East Parade because I found the song that interesting. And evidently I wasn't the only one who was overcome by curiosity caused by the storytelling on the track. The lyrics deliver a sense of home to every listener,which is really cool. Like can't you just picture being on the boardwalk to "watch the drunks and the lovers appear, to take turns as the stars of the Sovereign Light Café?"

In the end, Afrojack deserves some serious dap for taking the emotionally charged ballad to another level with his well placed synthesizers that injected some extra feel good into the track. To answer your question, yes, please get this track on the radio, the people will love it...

Keane - Sovereign Light Cafe (Afrojack Remix)


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