Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Success Served Cold is
a Remarkable Dish"

Other than @kanyewest, nobody else in the game has as much European swagger as @ryanleslie. Where most Hip Hop artists talk about strip clubs and expensive whips, R Les is rappin' about houses on his arm, European hoes, methusalems and arugula. The single verse is A material, but plain and simple the beat is TOUGH! Most artists couldn't survive a track without a hook, but R Les says I am not your average Joe Hip Hop artist. Check the video below that manages to bottle up the European swagger in a tastefully aesthetic way...
Carnival of Venice is said to be the lead track off his new album Black Mozart. If you're not excited about the album after listening to the track below, then we must not be listening to the same music...#BlackMozart

Ryan Leslie - Carnival of Venice


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