Thursday, January 31, 2013

5-Star Restaurant Lounge Music

I posted earlier this week about the blatant lack of R&B music in 2012 and all the sudden a new swanky soul track from @FEofficial comes falling out of the sky. Miraculously, the @phontigallo led tribe of soulful warriors is back with an uptempo, easy-listening jazz track So What if it is? The track is set to surface on the group's upcoming remix album +FE Music: The Reworks. The two disc set will feature mixes by @nicolaymusic, @Zo3hree5ive, @4hero, @SirTallBlackGuy and @Pirahnahead, as well as three new tracks (including the one below).

You might as well deem it a musical piece the way it has a distinct beginning middle and end. The song is incredibly retro in the way that it takes its time to unwind before it fully unfolds into a melody that implores listeners into a jubilant, finger snapping, Carlton dancing frenzy. I used the term swanky because it's that type of feel good music you hear in trendy 5-star restaurants or hotels. The type of music where you hear it and you're all like look momma I made it. This is well deserving of the Grown and Sexy label and if you're apathetic about that statement you'd probably find yourself saying...#SoWhatIfItIs

The Foreign Exchange - So What if it is?


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