Thursday, January 24, 2013

Savoy Are Personal Legends

So a couple months back my cousin Andy schooled me on an EDM blindspot I had in the form of @SAVOY. You need not look father than their Twitter slogan of "We make music for people who like to hang out at the mall..." to gain an appreciation for them. Long story short they just released a free Personal Legend EP two weeks ago and it's been on heavy rotation on my cardio mix the past week.

What's unique about The Bridge are the energetic horns throughout the track. It's almost as if the horns took the place of where the hook should be, which was kinda cool actually. Matter of fact, the four song EP as a whole is very much worth a listen. You don't usually get free music this in general, so go thank them by checking them out on tour...#Lasers

Savoy - The Bridge


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